Beate and HW



Beate is the "wild one" - most times you'll recognize her because of her hearty laughing. She used to work as a travel guide in Germany - in 1997 she came to Nosara and since then she has been doing horseback tours around Nosara. She is a real expert concerning the wildlife here! 30 Years of riding experience (English and western style) and you can confide in her unconcerned! In 2001 she got to know her husband, Hans-Werner, called "HW" (pronounce Ha Vey), who has also learned the trade with great enthusiasm.

  Originally from Germany HW was only on holiday in Costa Rica.....but both fell in love at first sight and married one year later. With his sense of humor and his cheerful heart he's the perfect buddy for Beate. He is a pedagogic sociologist and last worked at an ecclesiastical institution where he took care of children and adults with mental and physical illnesses using riding-therapy. Maybe that's the reason why he works so well with horses and children, both safe under his protection. Now he is doing the tours together with Beate and they complete each other perfectly.

Beate and Hawe love their animals and make sure to give them the very best care. Their horses - and three dogs - are their life.



Parrots At the beach Racoon Riding through the river